• To the Honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary-3 days in August: it is a tradition in Pieria. Thousands of people get excited and fascinated by the colour, the spirit and the cheer which dominates. There are also important simultaneous demonstrations.
  • Strove Monday: A day of love and charity, demonstrations with intense social character. Financial assistance to important public welfare institutions.
  • A three-day book display: Pontic-belonging to the refugees of the Greek Nation. (Between the 19th of May (Genocide of the Pontic people) and the 29th of May (conquest of Constantinople)). A remarkable book display with great resound and success.

Our association also organizes: Displays of paintings of sacred pictures, photograph displays, lectures, ball-dances, folk evenings, dancing and choral festivals, demonstrations of National Remembrane for the Genocide of the Pontic Greek People.
Our mixed chores in a festival
Festival Rhodes - August 2000
Shrove Monday 2000
The folklor dancing group, festival, Athens, April 2002
Manifestation, Athens, April 2002
Dancers of our Association, Thessaloniki - May 2001